Energy Storage Benefits For Landowners


Building on its experience of developing wind farms, Coriolis Energy is now progressing a series of battery energy storage projects across the UK, in locations varying from agricultural land to retail parks and former industrial estates. These projects typically consist of:

  • A series of specialist storage modules (similar in size to standard shipping-containers), or a steel-frame building (about the same size as a barn), in each case containing an array of lithium ion batteries, electrical and air conditioning equipment;
  • External grid connection equipment; and
  • An access track and hardstanding area for use in construction and maintenance.



Depending on its capacity, a battery energy storage project would normally need an area of no more than an acre and the key requirement is for sites to be adjacent to a substation or overhead grid line with capacity to both import and export electricity without constraints.


All storage projects are developed, built and operated by Coriolis Energy at its own cost and risk, with land being leased for a period of up to 25 years in return for secure, index linked rental payments.


For more information, or if you believe you may have a site suitable for a storage project, please contact Coriolis Energy’s Maidenhead office on:



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